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Yuengling’s Next Brewery – Not in Pennsylvania?

While browsing the internet this morning, I stumbled upon an interesting article by The Patriot-News’ John Luciew.  D.G. Yuengling & Son, a brewery whose name is synonymous with all things Pennsylvanian, may elect to build its next brewery outside of Pennsylvania as it lays plans to satisfy the growing demand for its staple lager.  In most places in Pennsylvania, for those not in the know, a Yuengling may be ordered simply by asking for “Lager”.

D.G. Yuenging and Son Brewery - (The Patriot-News)

D.G. Yuenging and Son Brewery – (The Patriot-News)

Luciew reports that last year, Yuengling’s sales rose to roughly 2.5 million barrels per year, aided by its recent move into the Ohio market – a joy to Ohioans everywhere.  Interestingly enough, this figure was also enough to propel Yuengling past the Boston Beer Company’s Samuel Adams brands – a brand better known nationally.  This indicates that Pennsylvanians, the surrounding area, and recently, Floridians, are an enclave of people that really enjoy their lager.

Currently, Yuengling’s sales footprint makes up an area of 14 states – and after expansions to its Mill Creek, PA and Tampa, Florida facilities, has upped its capacity to nearly 3.5 million barrels per year.  That said, Yuengling’s sales have been growing at a rate of 17% annually, and that means the brewery is on track to surpass its own capacity yet again, very soon.  In a recent interview, president Dick Yuengling, Jr. reiterated his desire to see the brand grow further, yet voiced doubts that the next location would be located in its home of Pennsylvania, citing the state’s “taxes, incentives, and business climate”.  Yuengling went on to say that “Pennsylvania is a great location. But it’s not very business-friendly.”

This wouldn’t be a first for Yuengling, as it already operates the Florida location – but should be slightly disappointing to any Pennsylvanian who values the economic boost that a brewery such as Yuengling brings to the state. Also, it could stand to be a potential loss of a point of pride for many Pennsylvanians enthusiastic about their lager – as Yuengling shifts most of its brewing capacity outside of PA.  Nevertheless, PA will always be Yuengling’s home – and it will continue to brew its trademark lager there.

What about you? Does Yuengling hold a special place in your heart? Where do you think an ideal location for Yuengling’s next brewery could be?  And – if Pennsylvania’s economic climate for breweries is so tough, why is it graced with so many great ones?

You can read the original story here.

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Written by Garrett Miller

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