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Voodoo Brewery and Brewpub – Meadville, PA

For several years now, those wishing to enjoy the brews of the renowned Voodoo Brewery have been forced to find the bars that carry their beers, find bottles during their limited releases (not always an easy task given how quickly they sell out), or travel to the brewery itself and fill a growler. Owner/operator Matt Allyn was happy to give us and some friends (including Russ) a tour roughly a year ago, where he briefly discussed future plans for a brewpub. We made sure to get a growler fill of Four Seasons IPA before we left, but the plans for a place to enjoy Voodoo beers on-site remained in the back of our minds.

The new combined brewery/brewpub, located in Meadville, PA, celebrated its grand opening on June 30, 2012. While we weren’t able to be there for the grand opening this time (unlike Timber Creek, also in Meadville), we were able to get there roughly a week later with family in tow. Admittedly, we were probably most excited about the always-excellent Voodoo beers, but we were certain that what Matt and the others had put together for the brewpub would be something really special.

The building itself dates back to 1900, and believe me, it shows it from the exterior.  Quite literally – it has a date on it.

Exterior of the Voodoo Brewery and Brewpub

Exterior of the Voodoo Brewery and Brewpub

Don’t be fooled, though, as the Voodoo crew did a fantastic job making the interior a funky, do-it-yourself looking hangout. With doors hanging on the ceiling, to the 1950s refrigerator tap, to the chalk walls, you get a hipster-ish feel. While quirky, the bar is well laid out for its limited space, with several small lounge set ups and a long farm table where we decided to sit.

(Side note: During the day, this bar lets in a LOT of natural light (the photonic phenomenon, not the watery beer), lending itself to some some cool photographic opportunities.  The sun just lit up our beers and made them shine.  See below.)

Interior of the Voodoo Brewpub, facing outward.

Interior of the Voodoo Brewpub, facing outward.

One of the Lounge-style Areas

One of the lounge-style areas

The tap list was somewhat limited, but all selections were on the lighter side – and well suited for the summer season.  It’s good to see the Pilzilla on tap – this is something we can suggest to yellow-fizzy drinking friends as a first foray into the world of craft beer.  Each of Voodoo’s selections are remarkably accessible and perfectly balanced, even given the relatively high ABV values.  If one were asked to guess the ABV of each of these brews, they’d probably be taking stabs at numbers far lower than what these beers actually clock in at.  They’ll sneak up on you.

Tap List

Tap List – Not extensive, but certainly well-stocked.

For those who just simply can’t decide, a flight presented on an old barrel plank is available.

Old Barrel Sampler Flight

Old Barrel Sampler Flight

Not ones to mess around, however, we both decided to go straight for full pours.

First Round - A Four Seasons IPA Flanked by Voodoo Love Child

First Round – A Four Seasons IPA Flanked by Voodoo Love Child

We both started with a Voodoo Love Child – their Belgian-style Gran Met aged on cherries, raspberries and passionfruit, while another friend ordered a Four Seasons IPA.  The Love Child, in Garrett’s opinion, is the perfect twist on a Belgian-style ale to really set it apart from the others.  It’s certainly not a fruit beer, but takes the traditional Belgian ale formula and gives it a well-balanced spin of fruit and spice, while retaining a light mouthfeel and again, hiding its ABV well.  A great choice.

Second Round - Wynona's Big Brown at Center Stage

Second Round – Wynona’s Big Brown at Center Stage

Kelsey went for a pint of Wynona’s Big Brown Ale. Pouring a very dark brown, the malty, oaty scent hits your nose before sipping. The taste is balanced, however, and not overly sweet, but with an appropriate creaminess. The beer finishes smooth, leaving a delightful dark roasted barley note on the palate as it goes down.  Certainly bolder than your run-of-the-mill brown ales, this one is just packed with flavor.

While we didn’t get to sample the constantly-rotating menu, it looked appetizing with its select items, and local farm ingredients. On a future visit, we would like to make a point of trying this. Before leaving, we made sure to fill a growler with another Four Seasons IPA and pay the tab (which was refreshingly inexpensive).

Voodoo's Kitchen - Menu's on the wall.

Voodoo’s Kitchen – Menu’s on the wall.

Another cool thing about this place – one’s tab is presented in an old schoolhouse daily reader dating back to 1909.

What our tab was presented in

What our tab was presented in

On our way out, we saw Matt and a local artist discussing adding her new paintings to the wall. Apparently they’re still finishing with the decor, but seeing them do business with a local artist is pretty cool, and appears to be right in line with everything Voodoo Brewery and their new brewpub stand for.

With a relaxed atmosphere, home-grown meals, and world-class beer, the Voodoo Brewery and Brewpub is definitely a place we will be returning to as soon as we can. Even aside from the availability of some of the top beers on the market, Voodoo has offered the little town of Meadville something new – a definite visitor destination and local hangout, all in one.  Rumor has it that there’s a Black Magick release coming soon.  I can only imagine that’s what’s stored in these barrels here.



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Written by Garrett Miller and Kelsey Bailey (Guest Author)

Garrett brings a somewhat different perspective on beer to the table. While always thrilled to try any new, exotic brew that finds itself his way, Garrett finds that he's often quite satisfied with reliable, common craft choices. As such, Garrett is a fan of trying and reviewing these (admittedly less expensive) beers, and using them to introduce the exciting, flavorful world of craft beer to those not-yet-acquainted. Garrett’s favorite styles are IPAs and bourbon stouts, but won’t turn his nose up at anything. Find Garrett Miller on Google Plus

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