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The Beer Circle » Beer Release » Voodoo Barrel Room Collection Release 2: September 28, 2013

Voodoo Barrel Room Collection Release 2: September 28, 2013

Paige was so excited she made brownies with Weyerbacher Imperial Stout with a Chocolate Bourbon Buttercream

Paige was so excited she made brownies with Weyerbacher Imperial Stout with a Chocolate Bourbon Buttercream

We at The Beer Circle have been looking forward to the second Voodoo Barrel Room Collection release ever since we warmed up from the first one…which was not all that long ago. Paige was super excited for her first visit to the brewpub, as she had to miss the first release because of work commitments. Kenton and Greg, having both been to release number one, were happy for the forecast featuring a low of 50. Greg arrived around 7:30pm and met up with Tom from The Brewski Box Score, where they enjoyed a sausage gravy pizza and starting imbibing.

Paige and Kenton arrived from State College around 10:15pm and found Greg and Tom. Both of us kicked off the evening with a Good Vibes, which were enjoyed outside with the group. Greg was originally told that we couldn’t start lining up until midnight, but around 10:30pm we started to notice people moving and prepared for the onslaught. We were able to all get in line together at the tent, and took turns heading to the vehicles to pick up our camping chairs, coolers, and whatever else we thought we might need. Once everyone was settled, bottles started popping as an epic bottle share went underway.

The line just after formation

The line just after formation

Brewery workers came into the tent just before 7am to wristband everyone. After that, we all went back to vehicles to sleep for a few hours. Kenton was 14th in the line, Greg was 15th, and Paige was 18th. Tom was MIA during the initial start of wristbanding, but managed to get back and secure #30–and you better believe we didn’t let him forget that he was so far behind us. One of the neat things for the first 60 individuals is that the wristband number actually matched the number on the bottle of K13 that we received.

At 10am, the brewery workers passed out calendar pages to be used as our ticket to buy an allotment. From there, we waited another hour listening to music and sipping on Duck Duck Gueuze before the brewery opened. Matt sectioned us off at 11am, with numbers 1-18–being the first group–allowed in to make sure that our group got to stay together. This meant that we managed to all get seats at the bar! The workers behind the bar were great, being speedy as well as very friendly and polite. Numbers were called in groups of threes for individuals to check out with their beer. We all decided to take advantage of the barrel aged beers on tap (and maybe even hydrate a little bit!) It was packed, but a wonderful time. All-in-all, the release was wonderful; everything ran smoothly and the whole event was enjoyable. I can’t wait until release number three!

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Written by Paige Deckert, Kenton Martin and Greg Bruce

Paige is a fifth year graduate student at Penn State; she received her craft beer education while bartending during undergrad at the University of Illinois. Over several months, Rogue’s Dead Guy served as her gateway beer, because it was $2/pint on Thursdays, and thus offered the highest ABV/$. This eventually turned into enjoyment, and everything is history from there. Her first legal beer was Robert the Bruce on cask at the Blind Pig in Champaign, followed by the Duchess de Bourgogne. Paige has visited over 15 breweries, including Great Divide, Bells, Jolly Pumpkin, Three Floyds and Dogfish Head, with plans to add more in 2012 via trips to San Diego, Phoenix, and Austin. Paige became friends with Russ (and subsequently Garrett) when they became friends on untappd. She clearly remembers seeing a check-in of his and thinking, “Who is this clown checking into Miller Light at the Shandygaff?” Soon thereafter he introduced himself at a Zeno’s beerfest, and they bonded over their beer geekery (sans adjuct lagers). Find Paige Deckert on Google Plus

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