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Varga Bar, Philadelphia

Varga Bar Outside View

My fiancée gets her hair done in Philadelphia, so whenever she makes the trip she asks if I would like to tag along. Being a good fiancé, I ride along and get dropped off at a bar somewhere in the heart of Philadelphia. On a beautiful summer day in June, I made the trek to Varga Bar, located at 10th and Spruce Streets near Washington Square. I arrived a little before opening so I hung outside soaking in some sunrays, and I entered promptly at 11:00 AM.

I took a look at the bottle list first, which is modest; it’s not the deepest I’ve seen, but it has some heavy hitters like Russian River, Firestone Walker, and even Lost Abbey Red  Poppy. The bar also has 22 drafts with a good selection of local beers and even Victory Root Beer. I ordered a bottle of Central Waters Peruvian Morning first, as I knew I would be ordering brunch and I thought some bourbon and coffee would be a great way to start off my day. The other beers that I drank that day included Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA, Left Hand-New Belgium Beer Week Sauce, Yards Bourbon Barrel Aged Bart, and Sierra Nevada Knock on Wood.

Varga Bar Taps

As far as the brunch, I decided to order an Applewood Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Omelette. The omelette also came with caramelized onions and the cheddar was locally made in Lancaster, PA. I was given a bottle of homemade ketchup from the bartender to use with my meal and it did not disappoint. If you ever order anything from Varga Bar, make sure you get some ketchup. The entire meal ranked up there with the best of brunches that I have ever had. The cheese in the omelette was exceptional and went really well with the Peruvian Morning, and I couldn’t get enough of the ketchup. I even put it on the roasted potatoes that came on the side.

As for the bar itself, it has a painted black wooden bar with plenty of stools and cranberry painted walls. The ceiling has hand-painted pin-up girls on it, and there are pictures of pin-up girls everywhere. It has a nice selection of liquors as well, should you not want to partake in the excellent craft beer selection. If you don’t get yourself a window seat, there is outdoor seating as well. With the windows open, a wonderful breeze was floating through the place on this gorgeous summer day, and it couldn’t have been a better experience. I will definitely be stopping in to Varga Bar again in the future, and I recommend that you do as well.

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Written by Jeff Kupko

Jeff is a traffic engineer that loves his beer, and especially loves trying new beer. As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, Yuengling was a staple and the beginnings of liking something better than fizzy yellow water. This has evolved into an entire hobby, with Jeff keeping a blog of all of the beers he tries. Vacations most certainly involve at least one brewery or bottle shop visit to gather a region’s coveted fruits. Now, Jeff has ventured into homebrewing, and there is probably no saving him from being engulfed entirely by beer. While Imperial Stouts and IPAs rank highest in Jeff’s eyes, sours are sneaking up on those styles, and Jeff loves to try all different styles. Find Jeff Kupko on Google Plus

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