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Spring House Big Gruesome vs. Terrapin Liquid Bliss

It seems that there are many peanut butter beers hitting shelves this winter. While last down in DC, I picked up Terrapin’s Side Project 18: Liquid Bliss, and got the idea to match it up with a lesser-known local brew: Big Gruesome.

First up, Big Gruesome. Here’s what Spring House has to say about it:

Creamy, malty, and full-bodied, the Big Gruesome Stout is scary good. The intense, roasty flavor comes from two types of chocolate malt and raw cocoa nibs. The stout is then aged on whole vanilla beans and more raw cocoa nibs to enhance the chocolate flavors. Rich peanut butter is introduced throughout the entire brewing process to make this stout even more Gruesome.

Spring House Big Gruesome
It immediately settled out into a light head. As you can see in the photo, it's a very dark black color.
The scent is primarily a roasty chocolate, followed by the hint of peanut butter.
The taste is opposite the aroma: The peanut butter strikes first, and then the chocolate is the undertone behind the initial peanut butter taste.
This is where I feel the beer really shines. With a peanut butter beer, I would expect brewers have to worry about too sticky of a finish. But, this beer has the right balance in the aftertaste. The smooth, malty finish leaves just the right amount behind. It reminds me of swallowing a mouthful of Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl ice cream.
Getting this for $9.50 direct from the Spring House Taproom is a great deal. Of course it's hard to find a bottle of this anywhere else, so it's very location-specific.
This is one of my favorite Spring House beers, and I feel they nailed the chocolate peanut butter taste in this stout. If you find this on tap, I highly recommend it.
Big Gruesome

Beer Stats
Style: Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout
Serving: Bottle
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 8.50%
BA Score: 90
RB Score: 91

From Terrapin Beer Co., here’s the intro to Liquid Bliss:


We always love a good experimental brew here at Terrapin, but the salty-sweet combo of peanuts and chocolate has us all salivating a little more than usual. This brew, while smooth and mellow, still manages to challenge your tastebuds. The porter base is dark and smooth, with enough backbone to
support the richer chocolate and peanut butter additions. It’s even dry
“peanuted” with brewery-boiled green peanuts! Here’s to the candy-loving kid in all of us!

Terrapin Liquid Bliss
Poured out with a moderately foamy head. Also contained a dark black coloring. I had tasted this while visiting my parents for the holidays so that's why I had no pint glass. The atrocity!
This had more of a husk-y peanut shell scent - kind of like getting a handful of peanuts at a Five Guys while waiting for your burger. It stood out more powerfully than Big Gruesome.
This has more of a subtle peanut taste up front. The chocolate follows, but is not that upfront on the tongue.
There's not much peanut in the mouthfeel. A bit more of the chocolate comes forward here. It finishes a bit dryer than Big Gruesome.
I'd consider this a good one-time try if you can come across it. I found it on average priced around $11.
I was left a bit underwhelmed by this beer. It had more husk in it than I expected, and left a bit to be desired in the finish.
Liquid Bliss

Beer Stats
Style: American Porter
Serving: Bottle
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 6.70%
BA Score: 82
RB Score: 97

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Written by Kenton Martin

Kenton is a Southeast PA native who began diversifying his beer tastes alongside many of The Beer Circle writers at Zeno’s beerfests in State College, PA. He continues to live in the area and is an avid follower of the local microbreweries – going so far as to try his hand at brewing himself. Initial results have been very successful. Find Kenton Martin on Google Plus

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