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Pensacola Bay Brewery – Pensacola, FL

This past weekend, Tom and I took an adventure down to Gulf Shores, AL for a wedding of a friend of mine from graduate school.  Turns out my friends had great timing when planning their wedding– Tom’s sister and brother in law, who live outside New Orleans, were going to Pensacola, Florida that weekend. We had flown into Florida, and Pensacola was right on the way back to the airport for us. So the four of us, plus their furry four-legged baby, Isis, met up at the Pensacola Bay Brewery (PBB) to catch up and drink some surprisingly delicious beer.

They had sweet hops decorations

PBB is in the historic district of Pensacola, right near a park and the water.  There was plenty of free parking, in addition to seating indoors and outdoors, and they allow dogs in both places.  We sat indoors for our first beer because frankly, the air conditioning felt amazing and I insisted. PBB doesn’t have food aside from bar snacks like potato chips, but they allow people to bring in whatever food they want. The owner recommended a tasty sandwich place across the park, and we ate and spent the rest of our time on the outside patio.  More people brought dogs throughout the day, so outside was a better choice for Isis; she doesn’t always play well with others.

Beer, soda and cider taps. I love the tin backsplash.

Pensacola Bay Brewery has something for everyone: beers spanning a large majority of the styles, their own cream sodas and root beers, two varieties of Woodchuck cider (blueberry and ginger), and also various wines. When we were there, they had on their Li’l Napoleon IPA, Deluna Extra Pale Ale, Riptide Amber, Lighthouse Porter, Sawgrass Wheat, Banyan Brown, Oatmeal Stout, a raspberry beliner weiss and a sneaky imperial porter aged in whiskey barrels that wasn’t on the chalkboard…. which was delicious.

I mean, doesn’t it look delicious?

Overall, we had a wonderful time. We tasted everything except the Riptide Amber and Seagrass Wheat, and were impressed by every one of them.  My favorite was the Deluna Extra Pale Ale- it was light and refreshing in the blazing hot weather, and Tom’s favorite was the raspberry berliner weisse. They’re cash only, but $20 covered a round for all four of us and a nice tip.  If you need it, there is an ATM on premise.  PBB is only available on draft in the Pensacola, Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, and Tallahassee areas of Florida. I highly recommend checking them out if you ever have the chance.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Porter, Woodchuck Ginger (which was delicious), Banyan Brown, and Li’l Napoleon IPA.

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Written by Paige Deckert

Paige is a fifth year graduate student at Penn State; she received her craft beer education while bartending during undergrad at the University of Illinois. Over several months, Rogue’s Dead Guy served as her gateway beer, because it was $2/pint on Thursdays, and thus offered the highest ABV/$. This eventually turned into enjoyment, and everything is history from there. Her first legal beer was Robert the Bruce on cask at the Blind Pig in Champaign, followed by the Duchess de Bourgogne. Paige has visited over 15 breweries, including Great Divide, Bells, Jolly Pumpkin, Three Floyds and Dogfish Head, with plans to add more in 2012 via trips to San Diego, Phoenix, and Austin. Paige became friends with Russ (and subsequently Garrett) when they became friends on untappd. She clearly remembers seeing a check-in of his and thinking, “Who is this clown checking into Miller Light at the Shandygaff?” Soon thereafter he introduced himself at a Zeno’s beerfest, and they bonded over their beer geekery (sans adjuct lagers). Find Paige Deckert on Google Plus

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