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New Belgium Lips Of Faith – Tart Lychee

New Belgium‘s Lips of Faith series has produced a number of great beers–including Biere de Mars, which Paige gave a 4/5–and today I have the privilege of reviewing one I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time: Tart Lychee. I’ve enjoyed a fair share of lychee in my day and love sour beers, especially New Belgium’s La Folie, so this has my name written all over it.

Tart Lychee
The beer pours into my New Belgium globe a very hazy yellow color with only hints of a bubbly white head. The head is more of a fizz than your typical head on a beer. The bicycle etching at the bottom of the glass keeps the bubbles flowing, but the beer still can't retain anything up top.
Tart Lychee smells a bit wheaty with some cinnamon and other spices. I do smell the distinct aroma of lychee, but it isn't overly focused on the fruit. Hints of tartness come out, but it's more on barnyard funk end of the spectrum instead.
The taste is more tart, but the barnyard funk, spice, and wheat still play a large role. The lychee taste has sort of disappeared for the most part. It really is only noted at the backend and on the aftertaste. Albeit, lychee doesn't have a big taste, but it definitely is distinctive and I think the tartness and funk has taken it over. It's not much more than an average tasting American Wild Ale.
Light body and not as under-carbonated as I thought from the pour. The beer has a nice twinge on the palate. Easily drinkable, although the spices and aftertaste got old by the end of the 22oz bottle.
This one costs a little more than the average Lips of Faith series, between $10 and $15 per 22oz. I'd say this still is a pretty good price, especially for an American Wild Ale, and opens the style up to even the less adventurous beer drinkers.
This was a bit of a let down. Some of New Belgium's sours are outstanding; this was just average. If you like lychee like I do, you'll probably enjoy this, but overall it isn't great. This would be a good gateway sour for somebody trying to make the leap.

Beer Stats
Style: American Wild Ale
Serving: Bottle
Size: 22oz
ABV: 7.50%
BA Score: 88
RB Score: 98

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Written by Russ Beck

Russ can trace his beginnings in craft beer to sitting in Zeno’s Pub in State College drinking various craft beer options from across Pennsylvania. Since then, he has never faltered in finding new brews, whether they’re rare, delicious, or hopefully both. Russ will be writing on a large variety of subjects, including but not limited to: reviews, homebrewing, and how to take labels off of beer bottles. He’ll drink just about anything, but prefers a nice Stout, IPA, or Weizenbock. Find Russ Beck on Google Plus

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