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Luekens Liquors – Online Beer Store Review

Luekens Liquors is an Tampa Bay-based retailer of some exotic, hard-to-find beers that don’t often make their way to our neck of the woods.  With three physical store locations, as well as an online presence, Luekens Liquors is where I often turn to find certain rarities.

And now, a brief review:

Leukens Liquors
Great selection of hard-to-find southern beers. An amazing selection of Cigar City beers. Many of the beers I buy here are found nowhere else. My latest purchase has included 3 of the Cigar City/The Bruery Dos Costas collaboration series. Previously, I have bought almost the entire range of the main Cigar City releases: Marshall Zhukov, Guava Grove, Sugar Plum, Jai Alai, Jose Marti, etc.
A few beers recently have been found elsewhere and have been just a bit cheaper. The Troubadour Magma Cascade Hop was $1 cheaper elsewhere but I bought it here because the shipping difference made up for it. The other store was across the country from where I live so rates were more expensive. They are collecting sales tax.
Best packaging of any online store. Very thick cardboard box with individual cardboard sleeves for each of the bottles. Cost for shipping and packaging has been in line with many other stores.
Site is very easy to navigate. I've never had a problem with a beer being listed but really being out of stock. Email updates are sent as the order is in each step of the process: order, processing, shipping.

Their website doesn't look like much, but it has a great selection.


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Written by Bob Pack

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