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Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. Dark Heathen Triple Bock

Hailing from Warren, Michigan, Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. actually started as a small ma-and-pa hardware store. That is, until a big box megachain opened near them and forcing the Kuhnhenn’s to instead transition into a microbrewery. For the locals and all those who now have the opportunity to imbibe their brews, I’m sure they see this as a nice alternative.

Dark Heathen is a ‘triple bock’ brewed in collaboration with Dragonmead Microbrewery, which is also from Warren. Outside of that, there isn’t a whole lot more information to be found on this beer, and Kuhnhenn’s site doesn’t even seem to mention it! Oh well, guess this will be a surprise.

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Kuhnhenn Dark Heathen Triple Bock
Pours a cola-colored brown that is transparent near the edges, but anywhere deeper than that is obscured completely. It rapidly builds a finger's worth of tan head, but it loudly fizzles out, disappearing almost as quickly as it came. The sides of the glass show the proof of abundant carbonation, however, with bubbles constantly rising to the surface.

The nose is extremely sweet, as malts and sugary fruits are the central focus throughout. Tart black cherries, figs, plums, and candied sugar stick with you and give off the vibe of a dessert beer, but a whiff of alcohol every now and then lets you know that this isn't a beer to be taken lightly.
The sweetness is at the forefront once again in the flavor, but it is counteracted partly by the malts and partly by a slight sourness at the very beginning. The malts impart a breadiness that instantly reminds me of a Scotch ale. Once again, the fruits are the spotlight, as sugar-coated pitted fruits dominate. The finish isn't shy to show off the alcohol, either, making this a treat to enjoy in moderation.
Mouthfeel is moderately heavy-bodied with good carbonation. This is actually a little lighter than I was anticipating and the high carbonation goes a long way in that and keeping the somewhat extreme flavor of this moving smoothly over the tongue.
Drinkability is moderately high. The taste is spot on, and although almost cloyingly sweet at times, is deftly balanced between the malts and alcohol. At 12.5%, this is a sipper, but an enjoyable one.
I had to trade for this (and a few other Kuhnhenn bottles) since they have a fairly limited distribution that doesn't reach Pittsburgh. I believe this comes in at around $7-9 per 12oz bottle, so that's a little steep, but you definitely get your abv and flavor kick for that price!
Overall, Dark Heathen is a sweet, sweet bock that literally takes the style to the next level. A 12oz bottle is the perfect size for this, but even so, there are times where I sat for a few minutes still trying tame this beast. The alcohol is a little much at times, but over the course of 45 or 60 minutes, it sort of acts as a built-in limiter.

Beer Stats
Style: Triple Bock
Serving: Bottle
Size: 12oz
ABV: 12.50%
BA Score: 89
RB Score: 93

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Written by Greg Bruce

While studying at Penn State, Greg learned that beer could serve a much better purpose than a means to an end for a good party. Delicately brewed Belgians acted as a stark contrast to the almost watery beer that had been so popular and began the journey towards craft beer. From that launch point he always seems to land on something new. Greg approaches each beer, whether it is an aggressively-hopped West Coast IPA or an English bitter (and everything between), with a clear mind and open opinion, ready to analyze, compare, and ultimately, enjoy. While always fond of stouts (especially barrel-aged) and IPAs, Greg is slowly but surely drifting towards various soured beers. Find Greg Bruce on Google Plus

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