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Guest Post: Venue Review – Shower

Editor’s Note: This is another of what we hope is many contributions from our readers. These guest posts come from our friends, followers, and fellow beer geeks who have something they want to share. If you’ve attended a great event, tasted a rare beer, want to give your favorite brewery some love, or share anything else beer related feel free to send us an email at and let us know!

Shower is a relaxed and accessible venue that has been my go-to place for beer for years now. A casual establishment, there’s no dress code and the shower has flexible hours. It’s a good place to show up and pregame before a night out, or to relax after getting swole at the gym, or unwind after a long day at the office (or before going in as opening times are quite early). I’ve even shown up past 4am and gotten a seat, tearily curled into a ball, clutching feebly at pounders of Steel Reserve High Gravity. I find I am always well-received at Shower.

An example of Shower's many fine selections.

Even with its convenient location, space is at a premium, usually allowing for standing room only, and parties of more than two are discouraged. The bar is tiny, if not nonexistent, and there are no tables so don’t expect to find space to put down your drink until you’ve finished. By the same token, dancing is almost impossible (and frankly unsafe) but the acoustics are amazing and singing is encouraged, since there is almost never live music or DJs. You may want to bring your iPod and an accompanying stereo dock, since using headphones may put you at risk of electrocution.

Decor is sparse, with a primary palette of white on white, with sterile tile and plastic, spillproof walls. The distinguishing feature of Shower is the continual downpour of water, gushing around you at gallons per minute as you drink. It’s pleasant, warm, inviting, invigorating, refreshing, and the ambient white noise and sensory deprivation heightens your sense of taste, like some kind of inverse-Daredevil/Carnage crossover. Although there is no dress code, I would discourage suedes or any other fabrics that might be damaged by water, and electronic devices or cats should be left at the door. In fact, if you’re opposed to getting wet, I would consider a different venue. Careless patrons will find that water flowing into their beer actually dulls and unheightens the taste which is rather unpleasant. It also made my pretzels, brought along as palate cleansers, very soggy. If you wish to avoid water entering your beer, fashion a beer bong (gravity-assisted drip chamber) with a funnel and snorkel, or try turning around.

The selection of beer is strictly BYOB, which makes for a drinking experience that feels tailor-made to your budget and tastes. The trick to a proper beer tasting at Shower, I’ve found, is maximizing the temperature differential between the beer to be consumed, and the ambient temperature of the water. Scalding hot water, for example, is best accompanied by an ice cold beer, in a kind of yin-and-yang battle for thermodynamic supremacy waged on your body. The food menu available is terrible. The Dove for Men Bodywash, for instance, was God-awful, sort of like eating a pack of mentholated cigarettes in Jello. I would recommend separate dining arrangements, which sounds inconvenient, but Shower happens to be conveniently located very near the Kitchen district. Chipotle is also an option (the “Shower-ito”) for those pressed for time.

As far as service, I waited nearly 20 minutes for a beer before tromping naked and wet through my apartment to the kitchen for another Yuengling Lager. It should be noted that puddles are a Health and Safety violation. Spills are taken care of almost immediately. Empty cans and bottles, however, are the patron’s responsibility, as bussing service is nonexistent.

Bussing service at Shower is terrible.

Overall, Shower is a great place to relax, block out the world, and enjoy a high quality brew. I recommend picking up six pack of your favorite beer and introspecting at this venue. You may come out with a new perspective on life.

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Written by Brian Reitz (Guest Author)

Brian is a beer drinker, craft brewing enthusiast, and runner from Northern Virginia. In his opinion there is no better recovery drink after a long run than a cold Yuengling in the shower.

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