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Guest Post: Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes

Editor’s Note: The post below was authored by a writer for another site – yet one who still shares our passion for craft beer. If you write about great beer and attended a great event, tasted a rare beer, want to give your favorite brewery some love, or share anything else beer related feel free to send us an email at and let us know!  The original post can be found here.

I know, I cringed too at first. However, I thought long and hard about it, decided that it had the potential to be really gross or really delicious, and decided to make a double batch of them for all of my beer-loving friends.

Blue Moon gets mixed reviews from beer snobs and casual drinkers alike, but I like it. It has a pretty prominent citrus and wheat flavor and a light mouthfeel that is perfect for summer, and that I thought had the potential to really make a cupcake pop! So, I consulted with my good friend Garrett Miller over at The Beer Circle and decided that they would be a fabulous project for my upcoming summer trip to visit him and several other friends in Northern Virginia. So, I set to work looking for the best complements to frost and garnish!

The recipes I found online from The Bitchin’ Kitchin and Miss Make blogs called for an orange sugar frosting and a beer eggwhite froth, respectively. However, since the cakes had to survive a six hour drive in the back seat of my car, I settled on a much more sturdy orange cream cheese buttercream frosting from this recipe, to be garnished with orange zest and a tiny orange wedge.

I have to say, after my adventures with Chocolate Irish Carbomb Cupcakes, (which calls for Guinness Extra Stout in the chocolate cake recipe) I had quite a bit of faith in a beer cupcake. Guinness chocolate cake is the richest, moistest, most amazing chocolate cake I have ever made. I was right to trust these instincts, the wheat-y citrus flavor of Blue Moon really shone through in the moist vanilla cake, and it was complemented perfectly by the fresh-squeezed orange juice used in the frosting!

Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes

Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes

I really recommend this recipe to anyone who enjoys a good Blue Moon on a summer evening. I might even give this recipe a reboot later this year with a different beer!  If you’d like to try these for yourself, the recipe is available at Miss Make.

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Written by Alyssa Cook (Guest Author)

​Alyssa is a baker and blogger who concentrates mostly on gourmet and specialty cupcakes, occasionally venturing into the realms of other foods like stir fry and pasta. However, Alyssa is a life-long lover of all things food, not because it tastes great (well, that too), but because of the way that it brings people together. Family, Friends, Food, and Fun are Alyssa's "Four Favorite F's", and this foolproof formula has always served her well. Alyssa is currently a student of Advertising at Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and besides baking, she enjoys studying, reading, arts & crafts, making puns, new hobbies, photography, eating, biking, brewing tea, blogging, and good craft beer. As the creator of Romancing the Stove, Alyssa dreams of bringing friends together over good eats on a larger scale than just her dining room table.

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