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Founders Breakfast Stout

While Founders Brewing Company brews a wide variety of beers, they’re best known for  their array of highly-sought-after stouts.  Packing bars and other drinking establishments across the country on release dates, their line of distinguished stouts are sure to please anyone who has a penchant for black-as-night beers.  Fellow author Russ just took a recent look at KBS in its 2011 and 2012 incarnations, describing the beer as “phenomenal”.  For this review, however, I’ll be taking a look at the much more readily-available Founders Breakfast Stout.

On a recent shopping trip, I stumbled across a four-pack of this beer for the paltry sum of $10.  While I’m typically not one to drive miles and spend hours hunting bottles of beers such as KBS at their release (looking at you in particular, Russ), I was excited to pick this up.  What did I think?  Find out below!

Founders Breakfast Stout
Pours black as night, with a small amount of caramel-colored head that bubbles up to the top. The appearance of this beer is imposing and strong, just like the beer itself.
First and foremost, coffee. Coffee and smoke. It'd be almost like if I set my kitchen on fire with a coffee maker, except with less burnt plastic and more delicious chocolate-malty sweetness. The mere aroma of this beer is extremely descriptive of what the taste is going to be. They should make air fresheners out of this.
Initially, much like taking a sip of a mocha. Again, lots of coffee as the nose indicated, accented nicely by sweet chocolate to balance out the flavor. Finishes with dark smoky maltiness, along with a pleasant warming sensation as the 8.3% ABV washes over the palate. As the beer warms, the complexities of the flavors start to come out even more. An excellent imperial stout.
Nice, thick, and satisfying. Very well-suited for this beer. Almost chewy.
Definitely affordable for a beer of this caliber. It can be found for around $2.50 per 12-oz bottle most places in Virginia. Definitely worth picking some up if you're unacquainted with this beer. Or even if you are.
It's not every day that you can find a 'world-class' beer (according to BeerAdvocate) for $2.50, but I do love coming across them. If you're seeking an excellent example of an imperial stout, look no further than the Founders Breakfast Stout.

Beer Stats
Style: American IPA
Serving: Bottle
Size: 12oz
ABV: 8.30%
BA Score: 98
RB Score: 100

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Written by Garrett Miller

Garrett brings a somewhat different perspective on beer to the table. While always thrilled to try any new, exotic brew that finds itself his way, Garrett finds that he's often quite satisfied with reliable, common craft choices. As such, Garrett is a fan of trying and reviewing these (admittedly less expensive) beers, and using them to introduce the exciting, flavorful world of craft beer to those not-yet-acquainted. Garrett’s favorite styles are IPAs and bourbon stouts, but won’t turn his nose up at anything. Find Garrett Miller on Google Plus

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