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Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats

I recently went to Ocean City, Maryland, for a family vacation. I couldn’t let the opportunity of visiting the Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, pass, so I dragged the family 45 minutes up Coastal Highway.I have visited the restaurant twice previously and have never been disappointed. Even if you take beer out of  the equation it is a great place to visit. The food is combination of beach fare (fish tacos, fish & chips, crab cakes, etc.) and regular pub favorites. The atmosphere works well if you’re heading there with your friends for a drink at the bar or if you are there for dinner with your family and children. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too crowded on a Saturday evening since most rentals in the area run from Saturday to Saturday and people would be travelling.

When we got there I was told that the wait for a 5 person table was at least an hour and they would text me when the table was ready. It was either the shortest hour ever or the gods were smiling, because 5 minutes later our table was ready.

I hadn’t had a good burger in a while so I went for the crab & corn chowder and the Indulgence Burger: piled high with a beer battered onion ring, melted cheddar, and house-made bacon. Consider yourself challenged. The beef itself is from cattle raised on the spent barley from the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. The chowder was nice and thick with a large portion of lump crab meat. The burger was very juicy, and the onion ring and the house-made bacon on top were great touches.

Yeah, Yeah..But What About the Beer

I always like to try the pub-only beers whenever I visit and this trip was no different.

First off, was a snifter of Delaware Native Ale. At 10% ABV, this is not a tame beer. It is made with only Delware ingredients: honey, barley, and blueberries. It’s technically categorized as a braggot since it gets it sugars from both grain and honey. It poured a very deep ruby color and had a slight pink head. When you lift the snifter up to drink you get hit with the strong berry aroma. As good as the aroma is, it’s the taste that really sets this beer apart.  The first taste that hits your tongue is an almost concord-grape taste (sweet and fruity) followed by a gentle sour finish, enough to let you know it’s there but not too much to knock you on your butt.


For my second beer, I took a step back in ABV and went with the other brewpub-only release available: Another Pale Ale. This beer clocked it at just over 5% ABV and was a great palate cleanser. Light copper color with an airy head that settled quickly. Great citrus aroma with no off-scents. The taste was a bit spicy with grassy, pine, and citrus notes.

I make no apologies– I’m a big Dogfish Head fan but the brewpub is a “Can’t Miss” for the experience of trying exclusive beers. Of course, you should stop by the brewery for a tour, too.

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Written by Bob Pack

Simply put, Bob is a beer lover. He goes out of his way to try new beers whenever he can find them. The love of trying new beers had resulted in a beer label collection of over 1400. When it comes down to it, Bob is a hop head. He loves IPAs (including double and black). Stouts are a close second. His tweet reviews on @nova_beer are simple and approachable. Let him know what you think. Find Bob Pack on Google Plus

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