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Dockyard Brewing Company (Bermuda)

The Dockyard Brewing Company is Bermuda’s only on-site brewing, co-located with The Frog & Onion Pub in the Royal Naval Dockyards. The Frog & Onion sits in one of the original buildings that the British Navy built back in the early 1800’s and is modeled after a classic pub but much larger with outdoor seating. My wife and I stopped by for lunch and beer on our last day in port during our cruise early in June. This is the second post about beer on the cruise. The first being the beer options available on ship. While this brewery’s offerings aren’t something to seek out I really enjoyed the opportunity to try new beers. The menu consists of mostly typical English pub food with a few local seafood dishes. I went with the fish & chips while my wife went with a burger with fried onions & bacon.

I tried two beers while I was there: Somer’s Amber Ale and Trunk Island Pale Ale. I missed the option to try 4oz tastings of each of their 5 beers so I settled on the 23oz glass, where you get to take the glass with you. My wife settled on the 16oz flip top bottle., which you also got to keep. Nothing like forced souvenir buying! Read on to see what I thought.

Somer’s Amber Ale
For an amber ale I expected the color to be, dare I say it, amber. However, I was reminded more of a pale ale. It poured a light copper color with about 1/2 inch of semi-creamy head. The head settled quickly and there was slight lacing down the side of the glass.
Aroma was mostly light grains with a slight citrus finish after the grain aroma faded.
Like the aroma, the biggest taste profile was of light grains with a citrus finish. For an amber ale, I was hoping to get more backbone to the beer; instead it was close to the English Bitter style, as described in the menu.
A very drinkable beer with no adverse tastes. Sits on the edge of sessions beers so one could stay at the pub all day waiting for your ship to sail.
As with pretty much everything in Bermuda, this beer was expensive considering the review above. Including the bottle it cost around $13.
Overall this was forgettable. However, taking it for what it was and not expecting more I was fairly satisfied. Would I drink it again? Considering regular mass market beers weren't much cheaper, I probably would if taking another cruise to Bermuda.
Beer Stats
Style: American Amber
Serving: bottle
Size: 16oz
ABV: 5%
BA Score: N/A (7 reviews)
RB Score: N/A (1 review)
Trunk Island Pale Ale
Arriving in a 23oz Pilsner glass, I knew I had enough material to properly review this beer. The color was reddish brown with bubble trails throughout leading up to a creamy 1/2 inch head. Unlike the Somer's Amber Ale, this beer's head lasted for a while.
First and foremost I noticed a lot of brown sugar in the aroma with a citrus notes woven throughout.
Mostly I got a medium maltiness followed by a hoppy bitterness. Nothing overpowering but the hops let you know that they were there.
I got a bit of a heft from the malt but nothing that even 23oz could amplify. Another good beer for those that like a little more taste from their summer brews.
Compared to Somer's, this beer was cheap. It was only $16 for 23oz and included the glass. However, assuming the class is about $6 you're still paying $10 for a pint and a half.
Overall, I really enjoyed the beer. Crisp and clean but, again, nothing memorable or extraordinary. A good beer to trying if you want something different when on a vacation.
Beer Stats
Style: IPA
Serving: On-Tap
Size: 23oz
ABV: 5.7%
BA Score: N/A (8 Reviews)
RB Score: N/A (3 reviews)

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Written by Bob Pack

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