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Deschutes Jubelale Label – Background and Artist Info

Many breweries have taken the concept of beer labels beyond the basic branding to involve local artists and giving them the freedom to design labels that are simply an extension of the artist’s craft and style.

Deschutes Brewery takes that latter approach with their Jubelale winter beer. Jubelale first debuted back in 1988. Ed Carson, Deschutes’ graphic artist, designed the original label which consisted of a wreath incorporated into their basic oval label with the serpentine river.  This served well for a few years; in 1995, Deschutes commissioned a local artist, George Lawerence, to create the label: a snow-covered pine branch & cone. Little did they know that they were creating a tradition that would continue until this day . “It’s certainly the most expensive thing we do in terms of packaging,” Gary Fish, Deschutes’ President said, “but people expect it and the artists love it — I don’t think we could stop if we wanted to.” At the finish to the brewery tour, one is treated to the full-size paintings of every label. Deschutes has a great wrap-up of each of the artists’ styles.

One might think that creating a label would be a simple and quick process. But it isn’t. Tracy Leagjeld, the artist behind the 2009 label, worked with the brewery and their advertising agency for 9 months to come up with the final design: the sun breaking out behind snow-covered trees in the forest. “One of my favorite things about Central Oregon winters is how often we wake up to blue skies after a winter storm,” said Leagjeld. “In this painting, I was trying to convey the feeling of a crisp snowy morning being warmed by the sun’s rays, and how lucky we are to have the Deschutes National Forest as our backyard playground.”

Artist List

1995: George Lawerence,

1996: Cristina Acosta

1997: Randy Redfield

1998: Paul Alan Bennett

1999: Susan Luckey Higdon

2000: Dennis McGregor

2001: John Hilmer

2002: Douglas Campbell Smith

2003: Molly Cliff Hilts

2004: Kathleen Powers

2005: Andrew Sewell

2006: Katherine Taylor

2007: Lindy G. Hanson

2008: Pam Jersey Bird

2009: Tracy Leagjeld

2010: Natasha Bacca

2011: Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten

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