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Marina Market – Online Store Review

Marina Market – Online Store Review

Marina Market, located in Poulsgo, Washington, opened in 1988 with a goal to bring Dutch, Scandinavian, and other European foods to the Western Puget Sound. I stumbled across this company on a list of online beer stores and decided to check them out. What immediately caught my attention was Berserker from Midnight Sun. I had been looking for that beer a number of years but never had any luck. Checking their inventory against my “To … Read entire article »

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LetsPour – Online Store Review

LetsPour  is a Seattle-based retailer the offers wine and beer for sale online. Simple, you think, but Lets Pour goes about it differently.  For beers, they ship out of California, Florida, and Washington. You can order any number of bottles but to take advantage of free shipping from a location you must purchase at least 6 bottles or cans from the location. If you don’t, shipping is automatically added to the order. This isn’t as confusing as it seems because each beer has the location that it is shipped from and you can even sort on location. My purchase is good example of what LetsPour offers. The Oak-Aged Bretta from Logsdon was what drew me in so I looked around to fill my order with Gigantic‘s The Time Traveller, Howe Sound‘s … Read entire article »

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