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Budget: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Torpedo (Bottle Redemption)

In a recent post, I took it upon myself to review Sierra Nevada Brewing Company‘s canned version of one of my long-time go-to brews, their Torpedo “Extra” IPA.  Hoppy and bold, this one had never let me down in the past.  I was excited about the prospect of it coming in a can, hoping that this more efficient method of packaging would result in a cheaper per-ounce price.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

There’s a price you pay for versatility, right?  Cans can go places bottles can’t, are ‘greener’, and are easier to pack in and out.  That’s all great, but it’s tough to pay more for a beer that suffers as a result of its newer packaging.  Mine exploded into a mess of head immediately upon opening, settling into a nearly-flat semblance of what was once Torpedo.

Nevertheless, I still believe in Torpedo, and I’m here to give this good friend another shot after the poor treatment that must have fallen its way before our last meeting.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo
As mentioned before, the pour is almost dark-orange, delivering a solid white head without exploding into a glass full of foam. Small amount of lacing on the way down.
Smells like it did before. Much like your typical IPA, Torpedo has a lot of sweetness going on. Citrus immediately hits the nose, followed by hints of pine and a good amount of maltiness, but nothing too extraordinary.
This is an excellent, inexpensive IPA that packs a bit more punch than some of your more conventional inexpensive IPA offerings. This time, though, the carbonation was there to back it up, which is really needed with the levels of sweetness going on. Lots of hops kick you in the face here, seemingly a bit more pine and grassiness vs. the citrus that the nose would indicate, but great as always.
We're back! The carbonation from the bottle is solid and good, didn't go crazy at the beginning, and makes the sweetness of the flavor quite palatable.
A fantastically-priced, always-in-my-fridge IPA selection. $7.99 for a six-pack in Northern Virginia, wonderful. I could drink a few of these, and it'd cost me almost nothing!
The fact that the canned version of this turned out to be such a disappointment for me (possibly just due to mishandling) was disheartening, based on my affinity for this beer. It killed me to have to give it a bad review, which is why I wanted to give it a chance to redeem itself. Perhaps I'll revisit the canned offering sometime when a bottle would be impractical/impossible to take with me somewhere. Torpedo, along with Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale and IPAs are all excellent. They won't let you down.

The can is still the one on the right.

Beer Stats
Style: American IPA
Serving: Bottle
Size: 12oz
ABV: 7.20%
BA Score: 91
RB Score: 98

Welcome back, Torpedo!

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Written by Garrett Miller

Garrett brings a somewhat different perspective on beer to the table. While always thrilled to try any new, exotic brew that finds itself his way, Garrett finds that he's often quite satisfied with reliable, common craft choices. As such, Garrett is a fan of trying and reviewing these (admittedly less expensive) beers, and using them to introduce the exciting, flavorful world of craft beer to those not-yet-acquainted. Garrett’s favorite styles are IPAs and bourbon stouts, but won’t turn his nose up at anything. Find Garrett Miller on Google Plus

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