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Budget: Miller Brewing Olde English 800

I stopped in to Al’s of Hampden to pick up an exquisite bottle of Hurricane, but he did not have any in stock. I can only assume that it is so limited and rare that it sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. Instead, I picked up a bottle of Miller Brewing Olde English 800. From what I’ve heard, Hurricane is like Canadian Breakfast Stout in rarity, and Olde English is like Kentucky Breakfast Stout, so I felt like I still had a winner here. Let’s get to drinking this beer, shall we?

Miller Brewing Olde English 800
The beer pours a beautiful golden color with a lofty and foamy white head that leaves a bit of lacing on the glass. Lots of bubbles try to escape this beer as it sits in the glass.
As it was poured into a Hurricane glass, the gust of aroma took over my nose. Hints of rice linger in the background with a caramel forward profile. Hops are somewhat subdued, but present in a funky way.
The taste is crisp and clean with a refreshing aspect to it. Caramel makes up a solid base with rice accents as well. A hint of dryness comes out on the finish with grassy and slightly funky hops.
This beer goes down easy and tickles the tongue with light carbonation bubbles. It will cool you down on a hot day when you are chillin’ on your stoop.
Is there anything cheap and better than a 40? I don’t think so, and this is quite the bargain.
Basically, it’ll get you drunk! This is a great beer to drink, but don’t forget to pour some out for your dead homies.

Beer Stats
Style: American Malt Liquor
Serving: Bottle
Size: 40oz (To Freedom!)
ABV: 5.9%
BA Score: 55
RB Score:0

The best part of this beer is that it’s resealable, so you can take it anywhere!

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Written by Jeff Kupko

Jeff is a traffic engineer that loves his beer, and especially loves trying new beer. As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, Yuengling was a staple and the beginnings of liking something better than fizzy yellow water. This has evolved into an entire hobby, with Jeff keeping a blog of all of the beers he tries. Vacations most certainly involve at least one brewery or bottle shop visit to gather a region’s coveted fruits. Now, Jeff has ventured into homebrewing, and there is probably no saving him from being engulfed entirely by beer. While Imperial Stouts and IPAs rank highest in Jeff’s eyes, sours are sneaking up on those styles, and Jeff loves to try all different styles. Find Jeff Kupko on Google Plus

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