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Beer Stoppers: For When You Just Want Some

I’m someone who loves variety; working on one project for too long without being able to task switch gets very tedious, and I’m the same way about my beer. If you look at my cellar, almost everything that lasts is in a 22 or 25oz bottle. Though I realize that drinking two 12oz beers is more volume, or at least roughly the same as those sizes, it’s just as frequent that I want variety as when I only want 1.

I only have experience with the Zyliss bottle stoppers; I got two for $2.99 when our Homegoods opened.  I should note that the bottle stoppers explicitly state that they are not meant for carbonated beverages, despite being air tight.

Zyliss’ bottle stopper

You actually may have noticed this in some of my past posts; one is clearly visible the final picture for my recipe for beerimisu, where I used only part of the bottle of Southern Tier Mokah. Despite the warning regarding carbonated beverages, I’ve never had a problem with beer losing its carbonation when using one of these bottle stoppers– even when I’ve had one in for over a week (though less than 2). For me, they’re more than sufficient for when I want half of a big bottle.

There are other types of bottle stoppers out there, including the Vacu Vin, and as I have just discovered, beer savers, which are silicone bottle caps. The beer savers are said to keep beer fresh, but I don’t see any data in terms of how airtight they are. These cover some of the lower cost options– looking on a wine-oriented website will clearly show you that there are higher end and higher tech options.  Do you use a different type of bottle stopper? Have you had good or bad experiences with a certain style or brand? Know of one that I missed? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Paige Deckert

Paige is a fifth year graduate student at Penn State; she received her craft beer education while bartending during undergrad at the University of Illinois. Over several months, Rogue’s Dead Guy served as her gateway beer, because it was $2/pint on Thursdays, and thus offered the highest ABV/$. This eventually turned into enjoyment, and everything is history from there. Her first legal beer was Robert the Bruce on cask at the Blind Pig in Champaign, followed by the Duchess de Bourgogne. Paige has visited over 15 breweries, including Great Divide, Bells, Jolly Pumpkin, Three Floyds and Dogfish Head, with plans to add more in 2012 via trips to San Diego, Phoenix, and Austin. Paige became friends with Russ (and subsequently Garrett) when they became friends on untappd. She clearly remembers seeing a check-in of his and thinking, “Who is this clown checking into Miller Light at the Shandygaff?” Soon thereafter he introduced himself at a Zeno’s beerfest, and they bonded over their beer geekery (sans adjuct lagers). Find Paige Deckert on Google Plus

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