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beer-nog ingredientsI have done some “exhausting” experiments mixing ice cream with Stouts and IPAs previously. I had a lot of stout left over from my Winter Stout Fest just before Christmas so I was looking for something fun to try. I made the decision to take the experimentation one step further by trying to find the perfect ratio for a Beer-nog (stout and eggnog). While not a big fan of eggnog I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this.



beer-nog foam


Not knowing the correct ratio I first poured the stout into two glasses in a 2:1 ratio (roughly 8oz. and 4oz., respectively) and then put 4oz. of eggnog in each glass. The eggnog didn’t mix at all with the stout but, instead, sunk to the bottom. Spoons to the rescue! Before tasting each of the mixtures I needed to stir up the mixture so that the stout and the eggnog were well mixed. After mixing, both versions looked more like a light beige latte.

The other thing that surprised me was the head on the pre-mixed beer-nog. The foam changed from a medium-head of small-to-medium bubbles into a “sticky” head with large bubbles and looked a bit like sea foam that washes up on shore.


As I expected the aroma of the 2:1 ratio version let through more of the aroma from the stout: smoked malt and licorice. The 1:1 version had more of an creamy coffee milk shake aroma. Both versions were acceptable but I would give the edge to the 1:1 version.


When I first thought of doing the comparison I was hoping to come up with a good balance between the ingredients. I didn’t want one to greatly overpower the other. As with the aroma, the taste of the 2:1 version was slanted more towards the stout elements (malt and licorice) while the 1:1 version was a great mixture of the stout and the eggnog. Again I would have to give the edge to the 1:1 version.

Final Thoughts:

Mixing beers with other ingredients is up to the individual “mixologist” but I’ve tried to highlight a few of the differences that I have found. If I tried this next winter I would choose a better eggnog, one that contained better flavor and aroma profiles. Additionally, I would choose a different stout; one that didn’t have licorice.

Look for more interesting mixes coming up soon!

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Written by Bob Pack

Simply put, Bob is a beer lover. He goes out of his way to try new beers whenever he can find them. The love of trying new beers had resulted in a beer label collection of over 1400. When it comes down to it, Bob is a hop head. He loves IPAs (including double and black). Stouts are a close second. His tweet reviews on @nova_beer are simple and approachable. Let him know what you think. Find Bob Pack on Google Plus

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