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Dussell Becy (Guest Author)

Dussell's favorite pastime is drinking. Beer is what Dussell drinks. This site makes a perfect opportunity for Dussell to spread his knowledge about how delicious beer is. Dussell loves to conquer drinking challenges offered up by bars, including Zeno's "Around the World in 80 Beers" passport and World of Beer's loyalty program.

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Corona: With or Without Lime?

Corona: With or Without Lime?

Dussell is whatever he needs to be. Whether he’s hanging on the wall at Zeno’s or speaking the correct language to a beautiful woman, he always has a beer in hand. He’ll drink just about anything, but really prefers Keystone Light, because like Keith Stone, Dussell is always smooth. *Disclaimer: Our sponsor, AB InBev, does not endorse this reference to a competitor product. The ultimate showdown. Corona side-by-side: one with lime, one without. When you’re sitting … Read entire article »

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