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Archer Liquors – Online Store Review

Archer Liquors, in Chicago, Illinois, has a different method of online shopping. Most stores will make either their entire inventory or a large subset available to online shoppers. Archer, however, will put together different “boxes” of beer. Each box will have a selection of beers that Archer has specifically picked.

I have signed up for their email alerts that are sent out when new boxes are available. The latest alert quickly woke up the beer community because the newest boxes all were built around Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout. Kenton Martin reviewed this year’s version of BCS for us. I couldn’t get the 12-pack BCS box so I settled on a 6-pack each of BCS and Founder’s Breakfast Stout. The rush of orders quickly overwhelmed Archers. All those that submitted an order received an email starting with “Whoa” before explaining that all orders would be processed in the order that they were received. Everyone would be provided with an update whether or not they were successful. As you can tell, I was successful!

Previous selections have all been built around top mid-west brands including Bells, Founders, Metropolitan, and Three Floyds. The  selections are wide enough that almost any taste will be satisfied.

Archer Liquors
This was the first order that I placed with Archer Liquors. As noted above, Archer combines beers together into boxes for sale to the online community. No other options exist. However, enough boxes are available to satisfy almost anyone.
There are not many other online stores that sell the Great Lakes & Mid-Western US beers. There are no packaging costs specifically called out but one can assume that it is included in the cost of the box collection. Shipping costs are similar to other stores.
Archer Liquors uses a top and bottom cardboard container that snugly holds each of the bottles. The bottles do not touch so there is no chance that they could break unless, or course, the Fedex delivery people decide to practice field goals.
The web site is pretty easy to use. You select the box that you want and are sent to the Shipping page with explicit instructions. Click the I Have Read the Shipping Policy image and then enter your information. You'll receive a confirmation email and then you call in with your credit card information.
In the best of all worlds I could be able to select any of their beers. However, this method lets me know exactly what they have available for the online community. The process was easy and the communication from Archer Liquors was top-notch. I would definitely purchase from them again


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Written by Bob Pack

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