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Appalachian Batch 666

One Saturday afternoon, I happened to use some spare time and visit Appalachian Brewing Company’s Lititz location (their newest). Immediately upon entering I was amazed at the unique wooden interior, as this is something I don’t typically see for a brewery/brewpub. It reminds me of a log cabin or ski lodge. After sharing a sampler tray, I decided one particular beer, the Batch #666, was worth taking home and giving a further review. A few weeks later (last night) I finally got the opportunity to open said bottle while attending a low-key party. This “devilish” seasonal offering was coincidentally consumed while playing the crude game of Cards Against Humanity.

Appalachian Brewing Company Batch 666
This pours out of the bottle with a light head. It has a predominant dark brown color, with a slight tint of red. The only way I saw the red was by peering through the top layer.
The scent of coffee and chocolate are what I first noticed. It surprised me to have this in what is classified as a Winter Warmer. Before looking it up, I expected this beer to be classified as a stout.
The expected taste of chocolate/coffee blend hit the taste buds first. This smooth roast blend seems very characteristic of a stout, but also contains a sweet undertone.
It's not until the aftertaste that the moderate bite is noticeable. Its oak-like aftertaste settles into the palate. The weight of this roast made it something I drank over the course of about 2 hours.
I purchased this 22 oz bottle direct from the Lititz location. Tastefully enough, the bottle retailed at $6.66, which is definitely a good price range for this bottle.
This seasonal offering is a recommended buy on your way out the door from any of the ABC locations. It is a unique stout-like winter warmer that is great to break out for any occasion.

Beer Stats
Style: Winter Warmer
Serving: Bottle
Size: 22 oz
ABV: 7.70%
BA Score: 84
RB Score: 82

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Written by Kenton Martin

Kenton is a Southeast PA native who began diversifying his beer tastes alongside many of The Beer Circle writers at Zeno’s beerfests in State College, PA. He continues to live in the area and is an avid follower of the local microbreweries – going so far as to try his hand at brewing himself. Initial results have been very successful. Find Kenton Martin on Google Plus

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