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Adroit Theory Brewing – B/A/Y/S Imperial Stout (Ghost 4)

About a month ago I reviewed the Ghost 3 version B/A/Y/S Russian Imperial Stout from Adroit Theory Brewing Company. At the beginning of March, owner Mark Osborne gave me a tour of Adroit Theory’s brewery in Purcellville, VA. Mark has some very interesting and exciting plans for the brewery over the coming year or two. I am very excited because I only live a few miles away.

As we were leaving, Mark gave me a bottle of B/A/Y/S Ghost 4 which I will review below. I will also compare Ghost 3 and 4. Just a quick reminder, there are three different versions of the B/A/Y/S Russian Imperial Stout:

  • Ghost 2 – the base RIS (Ghost 1) aged on chestnut staves.
  • Ghost 3 – Ghost 2 further aged in bourbon barrels
  • Ghost 4 – Ghost 2 further aged in rye barrels



Adroit Theory Brewing Company – B/A/Y/S (Ghost 4)
This beer pours a silky black. There was no head and no visible carbonation.
B/A/Y/S has a light buttery aroma with a hint of coffee. A few chocolate notes fought through at the end. Overall, the aroma was good but not as strong as I was hoping.
The strong malt base remains the same as the Ghost 3 but the major taste element is coffee and mocha with a sweet rye finish. I don't know why but I didn't get any flavor from the cherries added to the base brew.
Ghost 4's finish was fairly abrupt. Being a Russian Imperial Stout, I was hoping for it to last as long as the Ghost 3's taste
This beer was free since I am a taste tester but I am still rating the value as N/A. Adroit Theory hasn't set any pricing at this time
Ghost 4 is a good RIS. The buttery aroma from the Rye adds a different style of depth of barrel aged stouts since Rye barrels are usually not the barrel of choice for aging stouts.

Ghost 3 vs Ghost 4 Comparison

t is pretty amazing what profiles barrel aging can add to beers. It is even more evident when comparing the  same base beer aged in more that one barrel type. While I like the Ghost 4 (Rye), the Ghost 3 (Whiskey) is a stronger beer across the board: beautiful head, cherry aroma addition, deeper taste and longer mouthfeel.

ghost 4
B/A/Y/S Imperial Stout
Beer Stats
Style: Russian Imperial Stout
Serving: Bottle
Size: 12 oz
ABV: 9.1%
BA Score: n/a
RB Score: n/a

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Written by Bob Pack

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